Our Work

BEST Logistics Commercial Campaign

Our returning client, BEST Logistics, needed a new branding spot to kick off during the 2017. Working with them from concept thru shooting, editing, coloring and delivery, we shot this successful ad on the Alexa Mini over 2 days to raise their brand awareness in the region.

Branded Content

I was DP and shooter for this promo for Netflix, entitled "Netflix Cheaterz", featuring original host Joey Greco, produced by Ralph Creative in the UK and shot in Los Angeles. The client wanted to create a comedic promo series that followed the original show, featuring couples where one side would "cheat" (ie. watch ahead) in a particular series.

Event Videos

Sony Lost in Music - The Beginning feat. The Chainsmokers from Imperium Productions on Vimeo.

We recently worked with Ralph Creative and Sony PlayStation to provide an event recap and promo video for Sony's "Lost in Music" campaign. Our crew included steadicam, jib and shoulder-mount camera operators to cover this high-profile event headlined by The Chainsmokers.

Branded Content Corporate Videos

Imperium Productions provides filming services for production companies across the United States and worldwide. This includes companies that need filming in our local area for incorporating into larger productions. Here is one example of our work shooting a client testimonial branded-content video. Imperium Provides these services not only locally, but nationwide as well.


Imperium Productions Latest Reel

Joshua Ausley Director of Photography - 2016 Fall Cinematography Reel from Imperium Productions on Vimeo.

Here is the latest Imperium Productions demo reel, encompassing our work up through 2017. This reel shows off a variety of services that we can provide, from commercials, branded content, documentaries, corporate video shooting and editing, to music videos and more. Contact us for a quote today!

Youtube Ad – Ausley’s Chevelle Parts

We turned this speculative TV spot into a :30 second Youtube ad for Ausley's Chevelle Parts, targeted specifically for Chevelle owners. It's vitally important to grab the viewer's attention within the first seconds of the video, so grabbing them with a hook is essential. Finishing off your ad with a strong call to action at the end is the formula for advertising spot success.

Music Videos

Get Away by Casual Confusion from Fischer Media on Vimeo.

Music videos are fun and fast-paced. We don't just make them for anyone, but for artists we enjoy and believe in. Budgets are also a concern, as always, but we are always open to inquiries from established artists with a clear vision of their brand and their goals.

Documentary Films

We shot footage for this upcoming feature-length documentary over two years, showcasing some of the amazing talent and heritage in the world of Bluegrass and Old Time music in the Appalachian Mountains. We are very excited to see this film come together!