Meet the Team

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Josh Aaron Ausley - Director / Director of Photography

The founder and owner of Imperium Productions, Josh enjoys taking projects through every stage of development - from ideas and scripting, to shooting and post, to marketing the final product. With a background in both broadcast and corporate, Josh produces television commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, and corporate videos. He has worked with numerous celebrities and sports figures, and for clients such as the NBA, Discovery, Food Network, the NFLPA, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Ashley Furniture and many more. He has traveled to over 25 countries and shot in Europe, Japan, India, Nepal, Canada and the Caribbean. Josh is also a PADI and SSI Advanced SCUBA diver with experience filming underwater in both controlled and open-water environments.

Specialties: Directing, Script Writing, Lighting, Cinematography (RED, Alexa, Sony F55, Canon Cinema)

Grace Wu - Production Manager

Grace manages many of Imperium Productions' bookings and client relations. An experienced production manager, she has been a large part of our success and growth in the past few years.  Grace's talents allow the rest of us to focus more on the creative, while she manages the necessities of scheduling, organizing and accounting.

Specialties: Scheduling, Organizing, Accounting, and keeping our heads on straight!

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Patrick Dunnagan - Camera Operator / First AC

A specialist in RED cameras, Patrick is passionate about visual story telling using the medium of motion pictures. He has traveled across the US on productions and has contributed to numerous feature films. "If you are going to tell a story, do so with the best possible look to enhance and not distract from the story. The line is becoming blurred between, TV Shows, Movies and Commercials. All offer a fun place to create and play."

Specialties: Operating, First AC, Grip

Westley Moore - Field Audio Specialist

Beginning with short student films in 2008 Westley has found the sound department a natural home on set. With a background in recording and mixing for musicians, recording audio on set was a welcome transition. He has worked on numerous national TV, reality shows, commercial and corporate productions.

Specialties: Production Sound Mixing, Sound Design, Audio Post-production, Recording, Pro Tools, Logic Studio, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro 7/X, Color-grading.



Kenji Ito - Editor / Visual FX

Journeying all the way from Tokyo and fueled by constant coffee, Kenji radiates energy that brings every project he works on to life! Skilled at intricate storytelling and design, Kenji approaches every project with fresh perspective, bringing the production elements to a point of final impact and emotion before they head out the door. He’s created title sequences, television series, short films, and company branding, all while passing on the knowledge of project organization, software integration, and achievement of vision for the final product.

Specialties: Video Editing, VFX, 3D Animation and Compositing (After Effects)