Arri ALEXA Mini

Arri ALEXA is the industry standard for national-level commercial and film work. The Alexa Mini is a camera with all the same major features but usable by a single operator. Highly versatile and with an unrivaled picture quality, these cameras represent the pinnacle of production quality.


Sony F55 CineAlta Camera

Our newest addition is the Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta camera with AXS-R5 RAW Recorder, a truly cinematic-style camera made for the highest-level productions. It is capable of shooting 4K at normal and 60fps slow-motion, and full-HD video at super slow motion (up to 240 frames per second). Featuring a Sony 4K sensor for gorgeous, super-sampled HD, 2K and 4K , the F55 CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels Sony 4K image sensor. You get superb dynamic range, the widest colour gamut, and pristine image quality, whether you shoot in HD, 2K or 4K. Our camera can record to various high-level formats with super-high bitrates for the best quality images and color sampling.


Mobile Studio / 1 Ton

Imperium Productions is proud to announce our brand-new mobile studio! Our new 1-ton grip van is capable of carrying our entire lineup to your location for all production needs. Just call us and we'll be there! The mobile studio comes with a full lighting and grip package, including LED, and tungsten kits (HMI and Kino available upon request), c-stands, flags and scrims, our support package including tripods, dolly and jib, and our full camera packages capable of delivering multi-cam production on-location as needed. The truck comes standard on projects of appropriate size and scale, and is capable of operating across the continental US, wherever your production may take place.

Also Available

ItemRental PriceDescription
Red ScarletCALL4K with RAW output-capable camera with wide dynamic range suitable for commercial, corporate and music videos."
Sony F5CALLThe little brother to the F55, this camera acts as a great second camera to add to our F55 shoots, due to the matching "looks" it can produce."
Sony FS7 kitCALLWe also offer Sony's newest professional camcorder and have used it for numerous TV shoots. Capable of 4K and super-slow motion HD, it is a great addition to our packages and great for smaller budgets."
Sony A7S kitCALLA great camera to use with our F55 shoots for aerials, close-quarters or unique angle shots. The A7S is unmatched on the market for its low light capabilities. Matched with the Atomos Shogun, it can deliver gorgeous 4K images."
Panasonic GH4 Kit$200 per dayUsually included in our DLSR shoots or optionally as a second angle, this is the best all-round small DSLR camera on the market, capable of 4K, slow-motion HD, and great still images."
Lighting Kits$250 per dayOur lighting packages feature kino-flo lights, LED 1x1 panel kits, portable LED kits, and fresnel kits with soft boxes."
Dana Dolly$150 per dayA vital piece of equipment to add motion to your shoots. Our Dana Dolly includes 8-foot rails for a long range of motion in your shots."
Manfrotto tripods$100 per dayOur tripods are all of the same brand, offering consistency and removing the need to continually change plates with our included quick release plates."
Jibs$150 per dayAdding high production value to your shoot, our jibs are capable of handling most small to medium size cameras. We recommend that you hire one of our experienced crews to operate if you are interested in renting."
Sliders$100 per dayKessler CineSliders with Second Shooter package enables the camera to move along the track at a pre-designated speed, enabling dynamic movements such as motion time-lapses."