Filming for the Aviation World


I've been filming aircraft for a few years, in a wide variety of environments - from runways, in hangars, inside them, underneath them, inside cockpits and baggage compartments, attaching GoPros to different parts of them. A lot of times, however, the work takes me up onto the roof of some airport or structure, and recently we filmed at Charlotte Douglass International Airport in North Carolina for American Airlines. I have to say this was a fun shoot day, because although I've flown through Charlotte many times, today I got to go places that passengers are not allowed to go. Filming from the roof, from the traffic control terminal, and on the ground as they taxied up and away was a great experience. I love American Airlines' new livery on their planes, and the fact that they go to so many destinations. And, although the best airlines I've traveled on have been on international carriers, I often end up flying American for most domestic connections.