Editing Music Videos with Adobe Premiere CC


I've been editing one of our latest music videos using Adobe Premiere CC's multi-camera tool, even though the video was shot using only one "A" cam and only occasionally using "B" camera. The trick is that during the performance part of the filming, it was all done while playing the actual song off the EP in the room using a PA system. This ensured that every performance had the exact same timing. We then shot the takes continuously from start to finish, and then "synced" them in Premiere using the multi-camera tool. Then when going in for the edit, I was able to reference up to 7 cameras at at time and switch back and forth between angles on the fly. This greatly increased the time and workflow of the editing process. I had the performance rough cut in minutes, only requiring refinements in certain places. At Imperium Productions, we exclusively use the Adobe Creative Cloud product to create seamless workflows between our video and motion graphics departments, utilizing Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator to save time and money.