Introducing our Sony F55


Imperium Production is proud to add a brand-new camera to our lineup, the powerful Sony F55 CineAlta camera. This is one of Sony's top products from its cinema line, surpassed only by the film-industry F65.  Very popular with national TV shows, this is an amazing piece of equipment that is the equivalent of a RED Epic or Arri Amira in many ways. It features a very high dynamic range, 4K internal recording, and frame rates of up to 240 fps with RAW output capability. The camera offers several high-end features not found on the FS7 line, including the ability to mount PL cinema lenses, and ours also has a Canon adapters for L-series and Cine Primes. In addition, this camera offers features over even the F5, including a wider color gamut (same as the F65), and a global shutter, which very few cameras in the world have today. This means that images are recorded from the sensor whole instead of in two parts. As a result, camera flashes look real instead of only covering the top or bottom of the screen, and there are no "rolling shutter" effects as when straight lines look bent diagonally when the camera moves.

We've have been using the F55 on quite a few shoots for national clients, and working on TV shows for Discovery, Food Network and ESPN. In this pic from a recent production for a national hotel chain, we were able to deck it out fully with a Canon Cine-zoom lens and Easyrig Cinema rig to help manage the camera's increased weight. I have also attached custom grips, a Tilta follow focus, Zacuto rig with the Gratical HD viewfinder, and 2 monitors, and Atomos Shogun and the new SmallHD 702. This camera is ready for productions of larger size and when serious quality is desired. Contact us for booking today!